Ninox database version 3.0 released

ninox 3.0

Extensive relational database solution to digitize processes.

You would like to manage data centrally for yourself or your company, but are dependent on individual design options? Then a solution with relational databases, such as Ninox now offers in version 3.0, is an excellent solution.

ninox Table

Relational databases are nothing more than several databases that are connected to each other, i.e. are related. A simple example would be a table with products and a table with customers – both are linked by a field that shows which customer bought which product.

Ninox, based in Berlin, Germany, excels at enabling people to build their own complex solution, even if you can’t program. This is very convenient as there are also practical templates for many standard situations. The price per month is also more than fair at just over eight euros per user account.

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