New MacBook Pros come with Bluetooth 5.0

The new MacBook Pros bring not only more power and an improved keyboard, but also a small wireless upgrade.

New Butterfly Keyboard with gasket between key cap and mechanics

Apple has introduced the third generation of the Butterfly keyboard along with the new 2018 MacBook Pros – with an interesting change.

True Tone possible with Thunderbolt and LG UltraFine Displays

Apple has brought True Tone technology to Macs with the 2018 MacBook Pros. It is also possible to use this function with external displays.

New eGPU from Apple for maximum graphics performance

Apple unveiled an external graphics solution yesterday as part of the launch of new MacBook Pro models.

New 2018 MacBook Pros released

Apple has updated the MacBook Pro series: There’s up to 32GB of memory and a T2 chip like in the iMac Pro.

Boost Charge Powerbank by Belkin with Lightning Port

There are few Powerbanks with Lightning input, which can be charged with the iPhone cable. Belkin now offers one of these.

iPhone Lightning cable with built-in battery

Battery packs are practical but often too big and mostly forgotten? Better is a lighting cable that already has the battery built in.

Apple Spot for Face ID: humorously sums up the problem with passwords

Remembering passwords is annoying, tedious and complicated when they need to be reasonably secure and annoying and tedious when you have at least a system. Apple’s new commercial for Face ID humorously sums up this problem.

How to test MacBook or iPhone battery health?

Quite simply: with a little clever program.

Fluid: Turn Websites into little Apps

The small program app offers a perhaps strange function at first sight, but is still practical in everyday life: it transforms websites into Apps.