Meross HomeKit products: Sockets, switches and garage door openers

Meross Smart Outdoor Plug

Affordable HomeKit gear from Meross.

The prices for HomeKit compatible products are slowly decreasing. Especially everyday technology, such as light switches, were (and often still are) quite expensive. The supplier Meross offers various products at quite reasonable prices.

Meross Smart Plug HomeKit

Meross waterproof Outlet HomeKit

These include WLAN sockets that can be controlled via HomeKit as well as double outdoor sockets for the garden. So you can switch all desired sockets inside and outside the house.

Meross Smart Light Switch HomeKit

The manufacturer also provides switches for controlling the sockets, which can be integrated into your HomeKit universe. The prices are below $30. Practical: you log them on to the WLAN, so no additional hub is necessary (we recommend a separate WLAN for all your smart home stuff however) and you also get around Bluetooth, which often still has a rather limited range.

Meross Garage Opener

In the broadest sense also a switch is the control for your garage door. With it you can finally control it via WLAN. Too bad for us Apple users: there is no HomeKit compatibility yet. So it must be enough for you either to use the app offered for control or take a detour via IFTTT. The price for this module is quite fair and the installation on your existing controller (check compatibility!) according to Amazon reviews not really complicated.

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