Review: Litionite Raiden 160 Watt 154 Wh Power Bank in short test

Litionite Raiden Ports

A big power bank with modern and powerful connections. You need the right USB-C charger though.

We had a Litionite Raiden Power Bank available for a short time and would like to share our experiences with you.

Litionite Raiden 160 Watt Power Bank


  • lots of ports
  • real 230 Volt outlet
  • Power Delivery Standard


  • does not charge with all USB-C power supplies

Power Bank with large capacity, which just about passes as transportable

It is a small block that weighs 1.5 kg. So it is not necessarily the dimension you take with you when you want to recharge your mobile phone, but rather the variant when you want to connect a 230 Volt device or if you are completely away from civilisation for a few days but still have to keep your electronic devices running.

Litionite Raiden top view
Litionite Raiden bottom view

The powerbank itself offers two normal USB-A ports as usual with 2.4 ampere as well as a round plug (12 volts, 10 ampere), a normal power outlet (up to 160 watts) and one USB-C according to the Power Delivery Standard with a maximum of 60 watts. Since the Power Delivery Standard covers different voltage levels, here are the details:

  • 5 volts, 3 amps, total 15 watts
  • 9 volts, 3 amps, total 27 watts
  • 12 volts, 3 amps, total 36 watts
  • 20 Volt, 3 Ampere, total 60 Watt

So every modern device should be satisfied with this. The ones available at our hands were all happy. If the device had a USB-C port, it also loaded perfectly and fast. Also the USB-A ports behaved well. In the heat wave, we used a fan to run from the power bank, which we connected directly to the integrated 230 volt socket: it ran for half a day. So there’s really enough capacity, even if the test time wasn’t enough to really check the data.


Test your USB-C power supply for compatibility before use

One thing, however, caught our attention in a negative way: Although Litionite promised that the Power Bank could be charged with any USB-C power supply that followed the Power Delivery specification, this Raiden model refused to charge with a 30-watt MacBook Air 2018 power supply. Neither with the original cable nor with an Anker cable, the power bank refused to accept power. However, it worked with an 18-watt iPhone X power supply, with a non-Apple 60-watt USB-C power supply and eveb with a USB-C cable from another power bank.

Someone seems to be getting out of line here in negotiating the flow of power. We contacted the Litionite support and described the situation but after saying that it should work, we just got the tip to try another power supply. After that there was radio silence.


Power Bank for the weekend and all technical toys

In summary, we can say that the small power block is just right for certain occasions: there are up-to-date and strong connections for all devices, the box offers pass-through charging (charging and recharging the connected devices at the same time), and the capacity could even get you through the weekend with an economical MacBook. Provided you have a power supply that can charge it in advance via USB-C.

Litionite Raiden Box

The price is reasonable for the offered 152 watt hours: just under 180 Euros have to be paid for the power storage.

Litionite Raiden Power Bank:     Amazon (only Europe)

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