How to: Show Wifi Detail Info

Your are connected to your Wifi but you need immediate access to some more technical detail? Here is how!

Apple power supply: How to prevent fried cables with tape

Everybody owning an Apple power supply knows the problem: it looks nice but with everyday use you get the feeling that the design aspect won over longevity.

How to wind up your MacBook power cord correctly

You might think “What? I don’t need instructions for that, I can do that by myself!” Sure, but Apple power supplies have a tendency for broken cables, so here are a tipps for a longer cable life.

How to replace missing MacBook Keys

It seems to happen more often than you think: your cat or dog plays with your MacBook keyboard, a child is a bit too curious and before you can do anything you are missing a key. Besides the fact that you can’t type comfortably anymore, it also looks unpleasant.

iPad Update: No antireflective coating, iPad mini 4 same price

Apple replaced the iPad Air 2 by an updated iPad and remodeled the pricing structure somehow confusing.

How to make an iCloud Drive Shortcut in the Dock

You would like to have your favorite cloud drive in the macOS Dock as a shortcut? There is a somehow strange but thankfully simple solution.

Sellers beware: This is how PayPal Scams work.

You would like to sell your used MacBook and the buyer wishes to pay via PayPal? We will tell why this is not a good a idea in any case.

Mac Shortcut: Undo your last command on macOS

Shortcuts are key combinations which help you to reach functions immediately. There is no need to find the wished function via mouse in a menu. If you know the shortcut you can reach your goals much faster.

macOS: Find big files, determine size and clean up your hard disk

Your hard drive is full already? The reason often is that one has no overview what takes up the space and which files are worth deleting. With the help of a little scan program you can get a good overview and delete old data.

Thunderbolt 3 to Mini-DisplayPort Adapter: It exists, but not from Apple.

The introduction of USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports creates quite a complex problem: How to connect a monitor with Mini DisplayPort that has more than 1920 x 1080 pixels?