Synology has introduced a new NAS designed for a lot of hard drives or SSDs in 2.5″ format.

synology ds620slim

The DiskStation DS620slim has six slots, which can be filled with the above mentioned data carriers. 15mm high hard drive models can also be used. Since these are currently available with a maximum of 5 TB per disk, the total capacity is 30 TB.

If you want faster access times, you can simply use SSDs. Or you combine: four mechanical hard disks for film storage and two SSDs for data, which are constantly in use.

synology ds620slim back

Processing power is provided by an Intel Celeron with 2.5 GHz, main memory is 2 GB on board, but this can be expanded. Video transcoding in hardware is possible with H.265 in 4K, but only with 30 frames per second. The DS620slim is mainly aimed at users who don’t have the possibility to accommodate a large Synology or who value a quiet operating noise, which is easier achievable with 2.5″.

synology ds620slim side

Synology quotes a price of around $500. The recently updated smaller version with only four slots, the DS419slim, is a bit cheaper, but can’t hold 15mm high drives. If you want to get an overview of the devices offered by Synology just have a look at our recommendation page about Synology NAS systems.

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