Updates: Wireless Migration for iPhone, Walkie Talkie back to Apple Watch

Apple has updated all operating systems. Besides security patches there are also some bug fixes and some new features.

Make security updates on occasion

Apple has provided macOS (10.14.6), iOS (12.4), watchOS (5.3) and other systems with security updates. As usual, you should update these on occasion to eliminate existing vulnerabilities.

All functions are back again

The Apple Watch’s well-maintained system security also means that the walkie-talkie function is available again. This funktion had a security gap and was temporarily switched off by Apple for security reasons. Now it can be used again.

And new functions have been added

But Apple has also introduced new features. iOS 12.4 now brings support for Apple’s credit card, the Apple Card – at least in the USA. Furthermore – and this will probably become a very popular feature – you can now transfer data from old iPhones wirelessly after purchasing a new one. Simply place the two next to each other on the table and the devices do the rest, without cables, without additional backup (which you should of course have anyway). A great idea.

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