Kickstarter: Iconic Apple Products as plush pillows

Who hasn’t wanted to cuddle their iMac, right? With the appropriate cushion, it’s less weird now.

Apple’s Video Tipps for Using the MacBook Touch Bar

Apple has posted some new videos on its YouTube Support Channel that deal with the use of the Touch Bar.

Upcoming iPhones could be cheaper, with up to 512 GB memory

The coming iPhone generation could be a little cheaper than the current iPhone X.

Samsung SmartThings Wifi: Router and Smart Home Hub

Samsung introduced a hub for its Smart Home System SmartThings that is also a Mesh WLAN router.

Deutsche Grammophon curates classical music in Apple Music

Friends of Deutsche Grammophon and classical music can look forward to a new area in Apple Music.

Elegant Stand by Yohann makes the MacBook float

You want a stand for your MacBook so that the screen is slightly raised? But the stand should also look unbelievably good? Here’s something for you.

Tipp: Hide menu bar in macOS

You can hide the dock, you know that. But you can also do the same with the menu bar in macOS.

macOS: How to find a forgotten Wifi password?

Your Mac no longer connects to your Wifi and you’d have to reconnect both, but you don’t remember the password? We’ll show you how to find it.

Apple is worth a trillion dollars

Apple is the first company in history whose market value reaches a trillion dollars.

Heat wave! iPhone and MacBook at 88 degrees.

Summer is summer and the heat wave never ends. Sometimes even iPhone and MacBook get too warm.