Does Apple remove 3D Touch from coming iPhones?

Has Apple lost interest in supporting 3D Touch for iPhones?

MacBook power adapter add on chargers and other alternatives

Travelling with the Apple power supply you would like to have a few more ports to charge more devices? You can buy add on chargers for the Apple power supply and other alternatives.

Very retro: Try Windows 95 as an app on macOS

Does anyone remember Windows 95? Of course! Even those who don’t can now take a look back into the past without any effort. With Windows 95 as a simple app on macOS.

Smart: koogeek HomeKit compatible power strip

HomeKit compatible sockets are cool, but you need a few more? How about a controllable power strip?

Apple Opens new Store in Kyoto on Shijō Dori

Apple opens a new store in Kyoto, Japan.

New York Public Library presents literary classics as Instagram Stories

Instagram is only a medium for visual art? Not any more. The New York Library now uses Instagram Stories to provide free literary classics for reading.

Apple abolishes “Back to my Mac” with macOS Mojave

Up to now Mac offered the function “Back to my Mac” integrated in the operating system with which one could access a Mac at home from everywhere. The function will be cancelled in macOS Mojave.

Parallels VM 14 with better efficiency and Mojave support

Need other operating systems on your Mac? Then it is usually advisable to use a virtual machine. Parallels Desktop is now available with some improvements in version 14.

MX Vertical: Logitech’s new ergonomic Mouse

If you work a lot on your computer and have problems with the mouse, you should look for an ergonomic one. Logitech’s new MX Vertical is such a device.

Sony CarPlay Receiver now offers iDatalink Maestro Support

Sony’s new CarPlay receiver XAV-AX210 now comes with iDatalink Maestro support. This means that you can also control the factory-fitted functions of your vehicle with the device.