Home Assistant for macOS as beta version

Home Assistant Mac

Home Assistant can now be operated via macOS App.

For the home automation software Home Assistant the user interface is now available as macOS program (you still need a separate server instance) in a beta version.

Home Assistant macOS Interface

With the open source software Home Assistant home automation devices from different manufacturers and wireless standards can be brought together. It enables you to create a summarizing instance to set up extensive automations.

The current beta version now allows you to control the system remotely and also to use some hardware components of the Mac as triggers. For example, a webcam that is switched on can cause your music to be paused via automation. More can be found in this blog post.

Home Assistant Widegets Big Sur

There are even widgets for the control, but they only work with macOS Big Sur and higher. If you are interested in the beta version, you can download it here.

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