Which USB power supply for Apple Watch?

Which Apple Watch Power Supply

There are many USB-A power supplies – and you can use them all.

Are you looking for a suitable USB power supply for the Apple Watch? Probably you already have one at home.

The Apple Watch only comes with magnetic charging cable

As already reported here, Apple no longer provides the Apple Watches with a USB power adapter, only the magnetic charging cable. This is Apple’s way of saving electrical waste, since there are so many USB-A power supplies in circulation that it actually doesn’t need new ones. Unfortunately, the smartwatch does not get cheaper, for those who actually need a power supply, it gets even more expensive because you have to pay extra now.

5 Watt Power Supply USB

But you can probably save the money. Because: Although Apple has changed everything to the new USB-C standard, like MacBooks, their power supplies, the iPad and iPhone power supplies, the Apple Watch comes with a USB-A standard charging cable. This means that you are not able to charge your MacBook or USB-C charger. You now have the following options:

Welches Apple Watch Netzeil

You buy a cheap USB-C to USB-A adapter. Or you can buy a magnetic charger cable for the Watch with USB-C plug, which costs another $35. Or you can continue to use what you already have, namely a USB-A power supply – that’s what Apple probably thought.

You can use any USB-A power supply in the world

Since the watch is quite frugal, a 5 Watt charger is sufficient. And that should be pretty much all the small power supplies that have been delivered in the last few years. You can recognize them by the fact that it is printed somewhere that the output is 5 volts and 1 ampere.

5 Watt Power Supply

But even without this check you can plug the Apple charging cable into any USB-A port you can find anywhere in the world: it should charge everywhere, because the power requirements are very low. With stronger power supplies, such as old iPad chargers, you don’t have to be afraid that the watch will break: A device decides itself how much energy it draws – so nothing can go wrong.

USB A Power Supply 5 Watt Apple Watch

No problem if you have a desktop charger with several USB-A slots: just plug in the Apple Watch charger cable and you’re done.

Conclusion: Continue to use hardware or buy something modern

So you can use any USB-A power supply lying around to charge the Apple Watch. If you still need one, just ask around and see if anyone has one left. Usually the chargers are collected somewhere in the drawer. If you do need to buy a new one, we would recommend a model that comes with a USB-C port: This allows you to charge two devices at the same time, including iPad or iPhone – and in fast mode. And they are not necessarily more expensive. Buying a simple 5 watt USB-A charger today is just a waste of money.

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