Series 6: Larger battery and Taptic Engine

Apple Watch Series 6 Teardown

The elimination of Force Touch allows for a larger battery.

ifixit delights us again with taking apart new Apple hardware. The current Apple Watch Series 6 is available – so let’s have a look.

As already known, the Force Touch function is omitted in current Apple Watches (even in older models via software) – so there is no corresponding hardware on board. This leads to a bit more space inside the case. Apple uses this for a slightly larger battery and also a slightly larger Taptic Engine.

Apple Watch Series 6 Disassembly

Apart from these adjustments there are no radical changes to be found. ifixit gives the Series 6 six points for reparability The battery and the display are still fairly easy to replace, the rest is heavily stuck. However, in our experience, this should be enough, since the two most vulnerable components are designed to be replaceable.

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