Force Touch on Apple Watch does not work anymore

Apple Watch SE yellow Band

With watchOS 7 Apple removes the Force Touch function retroactively on all Apple Watches.

Apple has deleted another feature: this time the Force Touch function for the Apple Watch – for everyone.

Yes, also for the models you bought some time ago and which were advertised with this feature. Apple switches off the Force Touch for all models with the update to watchOS 7. The new Smartwatches Apple Watch SE and Series 6 are already missing the necessary hardware for pressure recognition, for all older series the function is simply switched off by software.

alte apple watch

In contrast to the iPhones, where older models equipped with 3D Touch can continue to use the function and only the newer ones can use the newer operating function with a long tap on an icon, Apple therefore removes this function retroactively on fully functional Apple Watches. Comparable to the block to pair new Apple Watches to older iPhones.

The reason may be that this function is used less often than expected. Or because it saves a few cents in production to simply omit this control option. The bottom line is that the new way of operation is not a problem (most of the functions previously accessible via Force Touch can be reached by long presses or by scrolling to the beginning or end of a list), but the omission without any real reason is a step backwards for users of older models.

What do you think of this feature-removing update?

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