iOS 14 forgets standard browser and mail app after restart

Standard App iOS 14

The settings for alternative browsers and mail apps will not survive a restart.

iOS and iPad 14 allow for the first time in the history of the iPhone, that you can decide with which browser or mail app open links or emails. The changeover is very easy – we have already explained how it works here.

iOS 14 Standard Browser App Title

However, Apple is probably anxious to annoy you and to point out to you that you have to stay in line. Because: after a restart of your iPhone or iPad, you have to adjust the settings again, because the Apple Apps are set as default Apps. Every time.

This means: avoid every restart of your iPhone or iPad and make sure that the battery never runs out. Or don’t forget to switch to your favorite apps every time after a restart. Or just hope that this is simply a bug. Who of you would think that Apple does this on purpose? 🙂

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