What does the small green orange dot on the iPhone mean?

iOS 14 Kamera

On iOS 14 you may notice a little orange or green dot. We tell you what that is for.

Since iOS 14, the iPhone sometimes displays a small green or orange dot in the upper right corner. What is that?

iOS 14 orange Indicator

iOS 14 green Indicator

This is simply an indication that your Apple device is listening or watching. Apple has introduced this small indicator to tell you that either the camera is on (green dot) or the microphone (orange dot). It’s similar to your Mac: if the small green LED next to the webcam lights up, you know that the webcam is on. This happens now on the iPhone, but as a small dot directly on the display.

iOS 14 Telefon Indicator

iOS 14 Kamera Indicator

In addition, you can find this information in more detail in the control center: there you can read in words that the microphone or camera is switched on. Even if you take pictures, the hint that the camera is in use appears – at least it’s consistent.

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