Sellers beware: This is how PayPal Scams work.

You would like to sell your used MacBook and the buyer wishes to pay via PayPal? We will tell why this is not a good a idea in any case.

Mac Shortcut: Undo your last command on macOS

Shortcuts are key combinations which help you to reach functions immediately. There is no need to find the wished function via mouse in a menu. If you know the shortcut you can reach your goals much faster.

macOS: Find big files, determine size and clean up your hard disk

Your hard drive is full already? The reason often is that one has no overview what takes up the space and which files are worth deleting. With the help of a little scan program you can get a good overview and delete old data.

Thunderbolt 3 to Mini-DisplayPort Adapter: It exists, but not from Apple.

The introduction of USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports creates quite a complex problem: How to connect a monitor with Mini DisplayPort that has more than 1920 x 1080 pixels?

Interpret macOS Activity Monitor: Do I need more memory?

macOS’ Activity Montor shows the computer’s activity in every aspect: CPU workload, disc access, network traffic. We show you how to interpret the monitor to determine if you need more memory.

matias Wireless Keyboard with Backlight – the Better Apple Keyboard

Apple is a bit reluctant when it comes to keyboard offerings: there is one with number pad and cable and one without both. Neither of them has the design of the MacBooks: black keys and backlight. If you are searching for such a keyboard, the matias Wireless Keyboard might be the one for you.

Which Apple power supply to buy? Only one makes sense.

Apple offers lots of different power supplies. But do you really have to buy the one that came with your Mac? And can you use a different charger from another Mac? We tell you which one you should buy and why.

Refund and repair: iMac hinge broken

iMac made in the last years can have a very annoying fault: A display that doesn’t stay in position but rather swings down. The reason for this behaviour is a broken washer, that breaks inside the iMac. We show you the problem and possible solutions.

Worn out: How to remove MacBook screws with stripped heads

The MacBook lies in front of you, all pieces for the upgrade too but there is one screw that dosen’t want to join the party: a screw with a stripped head. We show you a few tricks how to remove it anyway!

MacBook USB-C power supply: No extension cord? No problem.

The new MacBook Pro models as well as the 12″ MacBook come with USB-C power supplies. The advantage is, that a broken cable can be replaced easily. The disadvantage, that Apple does not include an extension cord anymore. You can use the one from your old MacBook though!