You want your iPhone to be even faster? We have a great tip for you.

Do not load ads, speed up iPhone

One could now object that the current iPhones are fast enough with all their computing cores. That’s absolutely true. But you don’t have to use an older iPhone to experience the benefits of the following tip – the improvement lies in an area where the hardware of the iPhone is not crucial.

einstellungen adguard

Surfing on the iPhone is best accelerated by loading only the data you actually want to have and read/consume. Conversely, this means that it’s best not to load superfluous data in the first place and this includes ads, advertising videos, trackers, etc. That’s where some websites come together. Especially when you are reading news this is important: the essential text is usually not big. On the other hand, up to 50 trackers are often used, plus advertising images or animated graphics. All this has to be transmitted (which can be annoying for mobile networks) and rendered and displayed by the iPhone – so that you can ignore it.

So the trick is not to load ads or anything else in the first place. You have two options: use another browser that already has adblocking built in, or upgrade the iOS system browser Safari with an adblocker (or just do both to compare it).

iOS Browser Brave with integrated Adblocker

We think that a new browser – we chose Brave for iOS – is the fastest and easiest variant. he browser is the iOS version, we also like the desktop version very much and it comes with an excellent adblocker (and even a built-in Tor network).

preferences brave ios

brave ios

On iOS you can clearly see how much easier a website becomes when only the content is actually loaded. It may only be a few hundredths up to two seconds, but the perceived speed increases extremely – especially in bad networks, for example in the subway. So if you don’t feel like setting up something great but always want to read a news page without advertising: Download Brave and be happy.

AdGuard as adblocker for iOS Safari

iOS has the peculiarity that the default browser is always Safari – no matter what you want. For this reason it can be useful to upgrade Safari with an Adblocker, we have chosen AdGuard in this case. Download the app and activate the appropriate options under Settings > Safari > Content Blocker. Safari doesn’t load trackers and advertisements anymore and is significantly faster (Brave is still more speedy).

content blocker adguard

adguard ausschalten

In the Safari window, you also have the option to switch off AdGuard if you want to open a page in the traditional way via a tap on the sharing button in the middle – so you don’t always have to return to the settings. You can also whitelist certain pages (i.e. put them on a permission list) and make other extensive settings.

Less advertising, less transmitted data, more speed!

Now you can surf with undreamt-of speed! And that’s not an exaggeration, many people can’t imagine how much faster the net will be if you use one of the two solutions mentioned above. Nice side effect: you can concentrate better on the content you want.