Anyone in Germany who no longer can or wants to receive linear television via antenna can access streaming services so that the programmes come via the Internet. Zattoo has now lowered the price for its own best package.

And that by six euros as the service indicates to now scarcely 14 euros a month. The basic offer with 91 in SD resolution remains free after we before. The following premium package with 110 channels and HD resolution costs almost ten Euros and then Ultimate follows for 14 Euros that even offers you Full HD channels and the possibility to store 100 hours of TV material in an online video recorder.

If you are curious, you can use the free package at any time after registration. The Premium or Ultimate package can also be tested for 30 days before you have to make a decision.

As an alternative to Zattoo, Waipu should be mentioned, who offer a comparable price for their service.