The Swiss network provider Salt has developed extra hardware for its Swiss Apple TV customers to meet their complaints.

salt apple tv 4k remote tasten

Salt offers in its contracts for television and internet an Apple TV 4K that comes with a glass remote control with a small touchpad. This seems to annoy customers to such an extent that the network provider now offers its own remote control: for almost 20 Swiss francs, you can get some real buttons. The remote should also be directly compatible with the Apple TV.

In addition, it is made of plastic, so that it can fall down, as is sometimes the case with normal remote controls. The Apple Remote is then usually broken. The Swiss seem to be so annoyed by Apple’s solution that this later developed (or let’s just say classic TV remote control) is even available in the Swiss Apple Stores.

apple remote 4k remote keys

It is also common that many customers in other countries are disappointed by the Siri Remote. But if you’re thinking about using this control on your Apple TV, you should check the possibility first. Salt states on the remote control page that at least version 2.1946.1 of the Salt TV App must be installed. So it is possible that the Salt Remote only works with Swiss Apple TVs.