iPhone 13 display swap no longer disables Face ID

iphone13 faceid chip

The display of the iPhone 13 can be replaced more easily again.

We had reported that the display replacement at an independent repair shop intentionally disabled the Face ID function on the iPhone 13. We reported about it here and ifixit also confirmed this fact.

In general, the reason given was that it was supposed to be a security feature. Since the user is identified via Face ID, it was assumed that Apple wanted to ensure security here. Others rather saw Apple’s bad side and assumed that Apple simply wanted to prevent repairs that were not done by the company itself.

And that’s exactly what it seems to have been, this software restriction has nothing to do with security. Since the global reaction was consistently negative, Apple has now told The Verge that it will reverse this restriction with one of the next software updates. This should also make it possible to have the display replaced in an independent repair shop without Face ID being deactivated.

Apple probably wanted to test the public reaction to shielding measures with this – now temporary – restriction of the function after a repair. Since repair stores are now well networked and consumers are also paying more and more attention to independence and real sustainability, the large rejection of this measure has fortunately led to a reversal.

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