iPhone 13: Apple disables Face ID after display repair

iPhone 13 ifixit Face ID

The iPhone 13 will punish you if you fix it.

Apple’s design of the hardware used becomes more hostile to repairs with every new iPhone. This can be noticed in the current iPhone 13 when the display is replaced by an independent repair store: Face ID simply does not work anymore.

Previously, the display could be replaced and Face ID only stopped working when the component was damaged during the repair. Now, however, Apple disables Face ID, even though this component technically has nothing to do with the display, it is completely separate. Apple does not want anyone to replace the display, so it simply disables the actually functional Face ID to punish you.

This even happens when you install an original display, for example, swapping between two brand new iPhones as seen in the video. Also ifixit found this behavior. We are not only critical of this development, we find it so antisocial that we assume Apple will be sued for it. Imagine you take the wheels from an identical VW Golf and screw them onto yours – and Volkswagen then turns off your air conditioning as punishment. That cannot be legally tenable.

So, for the first time with an iPhone, we point out that you should be aware when buying that a display repair at an independent repair shop is not possible because Apple will punish you like a little child for it. This is not necessarily only about sustainability or the right to really own the hardware. Just try to get a repair appointment at Apple at short notice if you really depend on the iPhone.

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