M1 Macs do not support 40 Gbit/s USB4. Or do they?

MacBook Pro 13 USB 4

The M1 Macs have USB4 ports. However, these are not yet suitable for 40 Gbit/s. Or are they?

This little hint is especially directed at American readers: If you are looking forward to a MacBook Pro that can handle a data transfer rate of 40 Gbit/s at the USB4 port, you will be disappointed.

On Apple’s US site, there is a note in the technical specifications that the USB4 ports offer up to 40 Gbit/s speed. The correct specification seems to be 10 Gbit/s though – and that is also mentioned directly below. The error may have crept in here, and we could not find this information on other country websites. We could be wrong though and Apple surprises us – but we don’t think so.

MacBook Pro USB 4 Store
USB 4 Mac mini
USB 4 MacBook Air

As it stands, 40 Gbps speeds are only achievable with external Thunderbolt 3 devices. So anyone who was looking forward to being able to use this speed over USB4 in the future will unfortunately have to be patient until the next generation can handle this data rate over USB.

What is strange though is, that even the specs on Apples official US device pages also do list the USB4 40 Gbit/s capability. Again, not in other countries.

MacBook Air M1 USB4

So maybe there comes a nice surprise for all early M1 adapters or the error made is just very consistent. If you are interested in USB4 and Thunderbolt 3 and 4 speeds and connections, read our more detailed explanation.

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