Apple discontinues original HomePod

iOS 11.4 HomePod iPhone x lockup front 05292018

The original HomePod will no longer be produced. But that is not surprising given the success of the HomePod mini.

Apple is only selling the large original HomePod now. It is being discontinued without replacement.

The HomePod was never really successful in its sales. For many hi-fi enthusiasts, it was simply too small to replace a real stereo system in the living room, and for users who were just looking for a small smart speaker, it was simply too expensive at several hundred euros. It was just somehow in between, so Apple has now stopped production.

However, Apple has a real bestseller in its lineup with the HomePod mini: small and round, with good sound, Siri support and thread support for the smart home, the small version is a purchase loved by many. Apple has thus succeeded well in transferring the most important features of the large model to a small one and thus also staying below the price of 100 Euros. So the HomePod is dead – long live the HomePod mini.

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