iOS and iPadOS 13.7: Security update and better covid tracking

iPadOS 13.7

iOS 13.7 extends the Covid 19 Exposure Notification functionality.

There is an update for iDevices: the version number of the operating system for iPhones and iPads is increased to 13.7.

The main enhancement of the software – besides the continuously inserted security updates – is the extension of the corona tracking, called Covid-19 Exposure Notifications (only for iPhones). The interface provided by the operating system, which so far allows smartphones to recognize each other via Bluetooth, is slowly being expanded.

So far, the interface only provides the possibility for smartphones to recognize each other. Data synchronization and user information is provided via a country-specific app. In the course of time, it should now be possible to provide this information without an additional app. At present, however, this is not yet possible; in particular, there are still legal coordination processes in the respective countries or federal states. However, this interface is also undergoing further technical development.

Exposure Notifications iOS 13.7

Those who do not want to use this option need not fear: the function can of course also be switched off. While the switch for this was found in older versions in Settings > Privacy > Health, it can now be found under a separate item in Settings > Exposure Notifications.

The update can be initiated as usual in System Settings > General > Software Update. Here you will find a way to configure automatic updates as you like.

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