Basus Dual USB-C Power Supply with 120 Watts

Baseus Ladgerät USB C Dual 120 Watt

A powerful Baseus Power Supply: Two USB-C and up to 120 Watts.

Many people have been waiting a long time for this: a USB-C power supply with really high performance. Baseus now builds one with two USB-C ports, which together can reach a power of 120 watts. In addition there is a USB-A port.

As usual, the total power of the power supply is distributed over the used ports when several devices are connected. So if you have only one device connected to a USB-C port you can supply it with 100 watts. If you connect two USB-C devices, each device gets 60 watts – or 87 and 30 watts. The USB-A port has a maximum of 30 watts each. In three-port mode the first two outputs are then limited to 60 and 30 watts.

Baseus USB C 120 Watt Netzteil

The power supply provides so much power that it is especially worthwhile for users who need high currents for their devices and that at the same time. An example would be using the 16 MacBook Pro while charging a large battery pack in parallel. In addition, the iPhone also needs to be recharged again and again.

Fortunately, the prices are kept within reasonable limits. For the power supply, which can supply almost all current sophisticated devices, only about $60 are needed. On this price there is currently even a 10% discount.

65 Watt USB C Baseus

If this power supply is too big and oversized for you because you only use a MacBook Air, you can take a look at the smaller model from Baseus. It offers you the same flexibility with three ports, but is a bit cheaper and lighter because of its 65 watts of power.

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