Review: Satechi iMac Front Clamp USB Hub

iMac USB Hub Satechi

You want to have a few USB ports on the front of your iMac? Nothing easier than that.

Interfaces on the front of the iMac would be incredibly convenient. But Apple doesn’t think so. But it would be super practical. Satchi has a hub for the iMac that manages to be reasonably practical without spoiling the look of the iMac.


Satechi iMac Front USB Hub


  • practical
  • fits well on the iMac
  • nice optical appearance


  • USB-A ports are very tight

Very practical and well suited for everyday use


Satechi Clamp Hub Pro is the name of the device. Translates as much as clamp-on hub, which should give a professional impression. And that’s what it does in the areas of optics and installation: The hub fits perfectly with the finish of the iMac. And there’s a clever solution for clinging: the hub has two pairs of plastic pliers that can be clamped with a rotating wheel. This is done in the lower vent of the iMac. Very cleverly done. Whenever you think Apple has a design that can’t be expanded, someone has a brilliant idea.

Satechi iMac Clamp Hub

Clamp Hub Pro iMac

Once the hub is in place, it is bombproof. By the way, also the USB-A ports: you shouldn’t expect them to wear out at some point. Rather, they are on the too tight side for smaller USB sticks. There are also an SD- and Micro-SD card reader and a USB-C port. Besides the latter also a small LED. It shines neutral white and not too bright.

Front USB Hub iMac

iMac Front USB Satechi Hub

We had the Satechi Hub on an older iMac without USB-C port and therefore used the included adapter to USB-A. Nevertheless it was connected to the Mac with 5 Gbit/s without any problems. Even an iPhone was recognized and charged via the USB-C port. This should fulfill the main purpose of the hub: plug in a stick or device without having to crawl behind the Mac.

iMac Front Hub:   Satechi

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