If you are looking for a simple Synology NAS for one hard drive, you now have access to a new model: the DS120j.

White Synology NAS

High-technological changes are not to be expected, the improvement refers only to one place: the main memory. In contrast to the DS119j, which is still on sale, the DS120j with 512 MB RAM has twice as much RAM. We had already compared the DS119j with the older DS115j here.

Synology NAS Specs

So it’s handy to run applications that require more memory. And with RAM, more is always better. But if you need more CPU power, you might want to go for the DS118 (without j).

Simply twice as much memory.

In any case, a single-slot synology offers an ideal basis to build your own cloud backup server, so that together with Arq your valuable data can be backed up inexpensively and easily. We have been using this solution for a long time and swear by it after trying out many other solutions, including commercial ones.

If you want to buy a Synology but might need a larger model and are not sure which one is the right one, you can find an overview here on our Synology recommendation page.