MacBook USB-C power supply: No extension cord? No problem.

The new MacBook Pro models as well as the 12″ MacBook come with USB-C power supplies. The advantage is, that a broken cable can be replaced easily. The disadvantage, that Apple does not include an extension cord anymore. You can use the one from your old MacBook though!

How to make a bootable USB stick for macOS installation

Macs made in 2010 and later do support Internet Recovery. This is very handy if you have to install your operation system again. If you have an older Mac though or a slow internet connetion, a bootable USB stick or SD-card may be a clever idea.

Replace MacBook Pro rubber feet with and without Apple’s help

Your MacBook Pro is very loyal but now lost some rubber feet? This is not a problem, we show you how to replace them.

How to activate TRIM for third party SSDs in your Mac and MacBook

Every third party SSD in you older Mac that you upgraded on your own is not TRIM-supported immediately. Apple allows it, but you have to activate it manually. Here is how.

MacBook Pro 2008 with SSD: A classic already.

A new MacBook is out of reach for your because of a tight budget? You don’t care about a thin design and know how to use a screwdriver? We have a look at the MacBook Pro 2008 and check how usable it is today.

Upgrade MacBook Pro with USB 3.0 via ExpressCard

Sometimes you get lucky and you buy an instant classic without knowing it. This is the case when you own an older MacBook Pro with ExpressCard 34 slot. This makes it possible to upgrade the machine with two USB 3.0 ports.