Germany: Online identity card possible on iPhone with iOS 13

If you want to identify yourself with the iPhone in the online world, you can do so with the upcoming iOS 13 version.

If the Federal Ministry of the Interior informs us, the app called App2 will then also be available for the iPhone.

Apple has now announced to open the NFC interface with the next operating system iOS 13 in autumn 2019. At the same time, the Federal IDApp2 that can be used with iPhones will be made available for free download in the Apple Store, so that the online ID function can also be used with iPhones.

The release of Apple’s NFC chip for the iPhone now enables practical new functions in many areas. Doesn’t sound so understandable yet? Here is a little video:

Online ausweisen – ein Beispiel

Besides, it’s still a little bit off until the release of iOS 13. In the meantime you can read through the information provided by the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

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