MacBook Air 2018: Problems with Logicboard get fixed for free

Some copies of MacBook Air 2018 may have problems with the logic board. Apple will repair it free of charge.

As macrumors writes, a few installed motherboards are faulty. It is not known how an error manifests itself. In addition, Apple’s repair program is only unofficial, so there are no further details.

But if the MacBook Air 2018 is your main computer, then you should go to Apple and check your serial number, maybe you are lucky and your logicboard is not affected at all. But if it is faulty Apple will exchange it for free and you won’t be surprised by a possible failure of the board later in the middle of your work.

To make an appointment at your Apple Store you can use the Apple Support App. We think this is the most convenient way to make an appointment.

Here’s another important note about the official recall of MacBook Pros from 2015 in 15″ format: they can catch fire because the battery is defective. If you have such a model, check out this article.

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