Apple probably returns to the scissor mechanism on keyboards

The time of error-prone keyboards in MacBooks seems to be coming to an end.

As MacRumors writes in reference to the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is probably planning a return to keyboards with the conventional scissors mechanism in contrast to the currently used butterfly technology. This should have helped MacBooks to a thinner design – the external keyboards for the iMac or Mac Pro were never converted to butterfly and still use the old-fashioned but absolutely reliable scissor mechanism.

The first MacBook to preserve the new keyboard with old technology and hopefully reliability is the MacBook Air. It will be equipped with this new keyboard in its 2019 update. The other MacBooks, especially the long-awaited pros of course, should follow later in 2020.

The old scissor mechanism is best.

Apparently the fourth revision of the keyboard in the course of the introduction of the 2019 MacBook Pro has not led to an improvement of the situation and Apple has to change so many keyboards that it is cheaper to develop another keyboard model. A great message for us users in any case. Even if the current keyboards are simply replaced within four years in the event of a defect, it is still always a cost to return your Macbook to Apple for repair.

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