Anyone who has problems with the keyboard in their MacBook can now turn to Apple for any model that uses the butterfly mechanism.

macbook tab key

Apple has extended the existing free keyboard replacement program to all MacBook models. Now all mobile Macs are eligible for free repair from 2015. Even the just introduced 2019 model, which is supposed to offer a more reliable keyboard by using other materials (this is now the fourth generation of the Butterfly model), Apple has directly included it in the repair program. Apparently, you should feel confident that you have at least four years to get a new keyboard.

MacBook 2019 Already in the Keyboard Service Program.

That begs the question, what happens afterwards? Especially because Apple doesn’t install an optimized keyboard model during a repair, but simply uses the same model. In addition, given the number of MacBooks affected, it might not really be sustainable to replace the complete topcase including keyboard and battery every time. For the user, this is of course practical: if the keyboard is defective, there is also a new battery, as it is glued into the top case of the Pro model (the battery is separate for the 12″ MacBooks).

As usual, Apple takes responsibility if there is a technical problem, which is very commendable. After all, good service makes up a large part of the Apple brand. What to think fo the fact that even a recently introduced Macbook Pro with an optimized keyboard is alreday mentioned in the repair program, however, remains to be seen.

If your MacBook is affected got here to Apple’s support website. >>>