Archer T3U WLAN Stick for Mac: Dual-Stream ac with 867 Mbps

Looking for an external fast WLAN stick for your Mac? Archer has added a new variant to the T-Series.

FreshTomato: Beautiful Open Source Router Firmware

Want to revive an older router or simply install a firmware that’s better than the factory one? A top alternative is FreshTomato.

Apple no longer sells 4K LG monitors

Apple has taken the LG 4K display off the market.

Amazon and Google introduce free radio streams

Amazon and Google introduce a free radio stream for your smart speakers.

YouTube App back on Fire TV, Prime Video on Android TV

Google and Amazon have settled their dispute and have now agreed to offer their respective video streaming apps on each other’s ecosystems.

Best free VPN for Mac and iPhone

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are practical. We show you the two best VPN services for Mac and iPhone, which even offer a free option to use.

How to set up a VPN on Mac and iPhone

Here we show you how to set up a VPN connection on your Mac or iPhone.

What are jumbo frames and do I need them?

Anyone who deals with networks will have come across the term “jumbo frames”. The question is: what are jumbo frames and should I use them?

Shot on iPhone Video with Soundtrack by Megadeth

Apple has released a new “Shot on iPhone” video with Megadeth Soundtrack.

Enable Jumbo Frames on a DrayTek Router

If you have a DrayTek router with gigabit switch, you can manually enable support for jumbo frames.