Self Service Repair launched in the US

Apple Right to repair Hero

Original Apple spare parts are now available.

Apple announced some time ago that they would sell spare parts and the project has now started in the USA. There are both repair guides and the first spare parts for the iPhones 13, 12 and SE.

It is now possible to carry out repairs officially supported by Apple using original spare parts. The prices are close to the prices for a repair in the Apple Store: In the USA, a display repair for the iPhone 12 costs 279 dollars there, the replacement part alone costs 267.96 dollars, and there is a refund of 33.60 dollars if the defective display is returned. If you would like to rent a professional tool, another 49 dollars will be added.

Two positive developments have thus occurred: on the one hand, Apple is opening up to the repair market and offering original spare parts for everyone. There are also official repair instructions for the devices.

System Configuration software

The offer remains limited for all those who have older devices for which there are no spare parts and probably also for those who want a repair that reflects the current market value. Since Apple always only offers the best quality for spare parts, the prices are correspondingly high. It’s often worth going straight to the Apple Store. In addition, parts such as the display still have to be activated.

The bottom line, however, is that Apple’s opening towards more sustainability, especially in the area of ​​official documentation, is very welcome.

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