Camo webcam app supports FaceTime and more

Camo Webcam

Use the iPhone as Webcam for FaceTime.

The additional app Camo, which turns your iPhone into a high-quality webcam, now also supports many macOS apps.

So far, use has been limited to non-Apple video conferencing systems, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This is now also possible under macOS 12.3 with FaceTime, Photo Booth, Quicktime and iMovie.

Camo Webcam FaceTime

The free version, the resolution of which is limited to 720p, is usually sufficient for trying out and for sporadic use. However, this is of little importance for most video conferencing apps, it is much more important that a decent lens picks up the image signal – and an iPhone is of course predestined for that.

Get the camo app here.

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