Chrome turns 10! New Design and new functions

The Google browser is now ten years old. For this anniversary it got a new design and a few new functions.

Very retro: Try Windows 95 as an app on macOS

Does anyone remember Windows 95? Of course! Even those who don’t can now take a look back into the past without any effort. With Windows 95 as a simple app on macOS.

New York Public Library presents literary classics as Instagram Stories

Instagram is only a medium for visual art? Not any more. The New York Library now uses Instagram Stories to provide free literary classics for reading.

Parallels VM 14 with better efficiency and Mojave support

Need other operating systems on your Mac? Then it is usually advisable to use a virtual machine. Parallels Desktop is now available with some improvements in version 14.

Successor: What happens to the MacBook Air?

MacBook Air is on the verge of a new generation. The question is, what comes next?

How to check the hard drive SMART status on macOS

If you want to know how good your Mac’s hard drive health is, read out the SMART data.

macOS: Two VPN Connections Simultaneously with Split Tunneling

We show you a VPN manager that offers you more comfort and flexibility if you work a lot with VPN connections.

Workaround: Turn up fans to cool i9 in MacBook Pro 2018

Word has probably got around that the i9 processor runs very hot in the 15″ MacBook Pro 2018 and therefore throttles its performance. As a workaround, you can simply turn up the ventilation a little bit.

VLC for iOS now offers Chromecast support

If you have the video player VLC on your iPhone, you can now look forward to a long desired new function.

How to show network speed in macOS menu bar

If you are interested in the current network speed which is currently reached during a current download, you can display it permanently in the macOS menu bar.