Remote access to Mac from Mac or iPhone on the go

Remote Mac Control Endovia

Remote access to a Mac at home is possible without having to set up a separate VPN.

You are on the road but still want to have full access to your Mac? Control it remotely from the road, so to speak? And maybe not only from your mobile Mac but also from your iPhone or iPad? That’s possible!

Back to my Mac Alternative

This is handy if you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a VPN, for example, or simply need a true remote control for a remote Mac. Apple has famously done away with its own “Back to my Mac!” service, but with Screens from Edovia there’s an even better alternative to it.

Endovia Screens

With the app for Mac (around $35) or iPhone/iPad (around $20), you have complete remote control for a Mac that either needs to be operated at home or that you absolutely have to have access to while on the road.

iPad Endovia Screens

Remote Control Mac via iPhone

The connection to your home is of course completely encrypted. File exchange between the tapped Mac and the client device is also possible, of course. The only limitation here is that sound cannot be transferred from a main Mac.

Still, it should be a practical application for many. Especially if, for example, a lot of data, such as a large photo archive is so always with you. The ten terabytes of data can stay at home, but are still on the iPad. The price is fair for what is offered, especially since there are no monthly fees.

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