Audiobook App Eary now for Apple Music

Eary Apple Music

Finally, Eary is also available for Apple Music: listen to audio books and remember the playback position.

Are you looking for a good way to listen to audiobooks and audio dramas on Apple Music so that you don’t have to manually remember the playback position every time you take a break? Then we have good news for you: Eary is now also available for Apple Music!

Eary for Apple Music

We already presented three apps for Spotify here and we liked Eary with its clear design and good functionality the best. Now developer Fabian Frey from Munich has put the great app also for Apple Music in the App Store. So a small developer solves what giants like Apple and Spotify can’t manage: That audiobooks and radio plays can be easily listened to and that the app remembers the playback position (you know, like in the past with cassettes, which simply stopped where you pressed stop).

The app is really great. Without this handy little helper, it’s more than annoying to listen to the fragmented audio files on the streaming platforms. We would like – just by the extensive use because the app is so practical – still the sorting options of the found books and audio plays in folders. But even without that, Eary is basically a must for audiobook listeners.

You can download Eary here.

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