macOS 12.2: Safari with ProMotion, music app goes native

macOS Monterey Installation

Small improvements for everyday life in macOS 12.2.

The upcoming update to macOS Monterey 12.2 is available as a beta and there are two improvements that should be interesting for many in everyday life.

Safari finally gets support for ProMotion. This makes it possible to use the 120 Hz technology on new MacBook Pros. This is pleasant when you scroll quickly through websites. However, ProMotion also offers advantages when you view a page statically and read the text first: the technology then reduces the refresh rate of the display – and you consume less power and thus get longer with one battery charge.

There is also good news for users of the music app on the Mac: it doesn’t necessarily change its appearance, but it will be reprogrammed from scratch. The current version is basically just a nicely packaged web app, the new version is supposed to run natively on macOS.

You might have noticed that sometimes the search works properly, it sometimes takes forever to connect to internet radio streams or the app sometimes reacts slowly. Let’s hope that the complete redesign will make the app easier to use for music enthusiasts.

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