Second Apple Store opens in Berlin, Germany

Apple Store Rosenthaler Platz

A new Apple Store opens in Berlin.

Apple opens its second store in Berlin. In addition to the store on Kudamm, there is now also one on Rosenthaler Straße.

You can visit the Apple Store there on Thursday, December 2. Current Covid rules apply. As Apple writes, there are 130 employees working there, who can communicate with you in many different languages. Among other things, you will be heard in German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Cantonese, Farsi, Arabic and Swahili.

Apple Store Rosenthaler Inside

This is the first Apple Store on Rosenthaler Platz to offer an extra pick-up area for products ordered online: a table. This may sound funny at first, but for many customers it will simply be more important that the employees behind this extra table are only available for pick-ups and that you no longer have to join the usual queue. Since the first Apple Store in Berlin is always very busy, a second store should hopefully ease the situation for Apple customers.

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