Picture-in-picture: stopwatch and speech time in foreground with Hovertimer

Hovertimer iOS

A clock for the current talk time can be very handy.

iPads and iPhones are very popular for presentations because you can take your notes on them. If you have to give a presentation that is limited in time, you have to constantly look at your watch to avoid being distracted by your own subjective sense of time.

Fortunately, in this day and age, there is a small and elegant solution: Hovertimer. The app simply displays a stopwatch or a countdown for the speaking time as a small black clock on iOS using the picture-in-picture function. There are no more options. The size can be simply dragged larger and smaller with two fingers.

Hovertimer Vordergrund

Sounds simple and it is. However, the timer for the fourth dimension is incredibly practical during speeches. So if you like to give timed presentations with your iOS devices in front of an audience, take a look at this little app. Most of the time it’s the details that add the final touch to a presentation – and Hovertimer does its part. The is also available on M1 Macs.

The best thing about Black Friday: you can save the few Euros that the app would otherwise cost and download it for free!

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