LumaFusion video editing app – Black Friday Deal

LumaFusion iOS App

If you are looking for a good video editing app for the iPad, you will be happy with LumaFusion.

If you like to edit videos on your iPad, you might already know the app LumaFusion. The M1 iPads are extremely fast, and the powerful hardware usually requires good software. For editors who prefer to work on a touchscreen instead of a Mac with keyboard and mouse, LumaFusion is a good choice.

The app allows up to six parallel video tracks and offers practical functions such as slow motion for videos recorded in 120 and 240 fps. In addition, material can be imported from a wide variety of sources: the cloud, SMB network drives or directly connected USB-C storage devices. More details can be found here.

Currently, the App is 10 Euros cheaper and available for just under 20 Euros. A sensible investment if the new iPad is to develop into a real video editing device.

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