macOS Server 5.11.1 does not run under Monterey 12

macOS Server Monterey

Wait with the Monterey update if you need macOS Server.

Anyone who uses macOS Server in schools or companies to manage the many devices that need to be configured should wait a little longer before updating their Mac to macOS 12 Monterey.

Under the current version of the operating system, the current version of the server 5.11.1 no longer works. So if you run the update you are no longer able to administer the possibly hundreds of devices.

It’s surprising that Apple didn’t manage to update macOS Server directly. macOS Server doesn’t offer services like calendar, contacts or similar anymore but was cut down by Apple and is mainly used for setup and administration of Apple devices (which you are supposed to buy). Why now, however, the practical software is not kept up to date remains in the dark.

So again the tip – as before for normal users – just wait a bit with the upgrade to macOS Monterey and wait out Apple’s uncoordinated release dates.

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