Apple 140W USB-C GaN charger from inside

Apple 140 Watt Power Supply Disassembly

The 140 watt Apple power supply is of excellent quality.

Apple has introduced the fast charging capability for the first time in the new MacBook Pro. Of course, a correspondingly powerful power supply is necessary for the 16-inch model to have the battery half full after 30 minutes. The current model has 140 watts.

However, Apple wanted to avoid too much size and weight and, like many other manufacturers, now relies on gallium nitride technology, which enables higher efficiency and more compact designs. The team from ChargerLAB has now opened a 140 watt power supply and allowed us a look inside.

As expected, the power supply is excellently built and of the best quality. This is not only for safety and efficiency, but should also ensure that it works flawlessly for many years – and might not even be included in future MacBook sales, as is already the case with iPhones.

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