Apple will sell replacement parts for personal repairs

Apple Self Repair

Official replacement parts will soon be available for purchase from Apple.

The news is very surprising for many: Apple will allow self-service repair and also provide original spare parts and instructions.

As Apple writes here, this starts with parts for the iPhone 12 and 13, and later also for Macs with M1 chip. It doesn’t apply to older devices, but it’s still a very big step in the right direction.

To begin with, Apple will supply the most commonly needed parts like the display, battery, and camera module. Which parts will be available for the Mac has not been determined yet.

This is good news for sustainability and also for the repair guy in some of us, because you can keep your Apple device alive longer. The prices should be on a high level due to the high quality, so there is still a place for cheaper replicas for older devices. In addition, many customers who are not that experienced in the sometimes quite demanding repairs will probably opt for a service at Apple.

Nevertheless, this step has to be seen as very positive. It may be that Apple does this to anticipate a legal right to repair. But it also shows that the company is moving towards sustainable repairs, even if it is due to external pressure.

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