iPhone 13 Pro Max charges with almost 30 watts

iPhone 13 Pro Max max charging

The iPhone 13 Pro Max can almost utilize a 30 watt charger to capacity.

The new iPhone 13 Pro Max can be charged very quickly due to its large battery. The largest iPhone charges for almost half an hour with 27 watts. You can see the whole video (in which different power supplies are also tried out) from ChargerLAB here:

After this half hour, the power consumption drops logically, but you can still use a better charger to fully utilize the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Or you can even choose a weaker one, because always demanding the maximum charging power shortens the battery’s life. If you always charge overnight, you can also use an older 12 watt power adapter of an iPad, for example.

The other iPhone 13s charge with around 23 watts, which is a few watts more charging power than the 12s.

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