iOS 15 with only 20% adoption – trust and features are missing

Apple iOS15 avail hero 09202021

iOS 15 is here – but not yet accepted and also nowhere near completion.

The latest iOS version 15, which has been available for about a week, has only made it to 20% adoption. This number is significantly lower than the acceptance of iOS 14, which was very readily received and quickly installed.

The reasons can be of different nature. It already starts with the fact that Apple indicates in the software update screen that the iPhone or iPad is up to date. In order to install iOS 15 after all, the option to install the newer version is at the very bottom. Also, iOS 14 will still be provided with updates. Apple does not really seem to be proud of iOS 15 at the moment.

Many users are also still afraid that they get with the iOS 15 surveillance software on the phone. Apple wanted to put all iPhone users under general suspicion with this version and scan for child pornography. Only after massive protests from users, data managers and even child protection groups did Apple abandon the plan for the time being. However, many are likely to be under the impression that this feature might still be introduced and scan all pictures on the smartphone.

Besides the hidden installation option and the fear for privacy, the sparse new features will probably do the rest. While there is a slightly revamped lockscreen and the iPhone can now translate live camera images directly into other languages, that doesn’t seem to matter much to many users. FaceTime has also been revamped and has new audio features, though the layout has also become a bit more playful and so it’s now a bit more annoying to reach the button for switching from the front to the rear camera.

All the cool features are not ready yet.

However, if you have a modern car or work in a company with a modern access system, you should be happy: the electronic keys for these things can now be stored in Wallet. In some countries, ID cards and driver’s licenses are also already possible.

Hotly anticipated and far-reaching features like support for Find my AirPods, Universal Control, SharePlay or Private Relay via iCloud+ are not yet available – so you can still wait with the installation of iOS 15 if you have been waiting for exactly one of these features. This is perhaps also partly advised: If you want to unlock your iPhone 13 with the Apple Watch, you will not be able to do so in some cases. A bug in iOS 15 prevents this. Photos can also disappear from the Photos app if you delete the conversation from iMessage from which the photo originated and then make a backup. A fairly rare workflow, but all the more annoying when it happens.

The bottom line with iOS 15 seems to be that Apple simply wanted to meet the release date. However, all the cool features are not ready yet and will be added later. Maybe that’s why Apple hides the update to the new version 15 a bit coyly in the software update.

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