The full Apple Online Store is back

Apple Online Store

Apple no longer hides the Online Store and even gives it a navigation bar.

If you’ve missed the Apple Online Store in recent times, you can now rejoice: it’s back, even with an extra navigation point in the menu bar on the Apple site.

Previously, you had to look at the product pages and then click on “Buy”, for accessories you had to somehow weasel your way into the overview to be able to look at other products. This worked and was then also quite clear, but many wondered why Apple as a usability company lets the user drive such an effort.

Apple has now probably thought the same and makes the Apple Online Store available again as a separate tab with its own product categories. This should make it even easier for you to get rid of the money.

A small tip at this point: the Apple Keyboard with Touch ID and a new Magic Trackpad (it has rounder corners, otherwise it is the same as the predecessor) are now available.

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