Small & Light USB-C Chargers: Anker Nano II Series

Anker Nano II Charger

Anker’s new Nano II series minimizes charging devices even further.

Anker has a new series of chargers that has once again become smaller and lighter than the previous version. The Anker Nano II series comes in black and three power levels.

Anker Nano II Charger Comparison

30, 45 and 65 watts are available, so there should be a suitable charger for every MacBook. If you really want to totally optimize the weight, you can simply reach for the smallest variant, even for larger MacBooks. However, you have to keep in mind that the charging process will take longer and a full load is not possible for a longer time. However, if you only give a few lectures a day with your 16-inch MacBook Pro and charge the device overnight, the 30 watt variant is also sufficient and perhaps worth the weight savings more. However, this combination reaches its limits when you are back in the hotel room with an empty MacBook and have to continue working immediately. If this is your workflow, it’s better to go for a stronger model.

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Compared to the original Apple power supplies, the Anker models are between 30 and almost 60% more compact. More power does not lead proportionally to more weight and installation space. Only the price increases a bit. Considering the fact that the 45 watt variant is only a few euros higher than the 30 watt model, we would go for this one. It offers enough power and is still significantly smaller than Apple’s original.

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