DIY Kit: How the Apple 1 works

Apple I Kit

You can still assemble the Apple I yourself these days.

The 8-bit Guy on YouTube always has entertaining content, in the latest video we can see how an Apple 1 works.

For this purpose, David Murray bought a DIY kit to solder together himself. You can see nicely how clearly the Apple 1 (correct Apple I) is built and how far the technology has advanced in the meantime.

If you want to do it yourself, David warns you: the soldering alone takes a whole day. In addition, it is not trivial to find all the parts and the cost is also several hundred euros. So it’s a project that you might prefer to watch as a video.

Besides the construction you can also see how the Apple 1 works. Because of the only 256 byte (yes really) large operating system, the performance is of course limited. Nevertheless, you can already get an idea of the potential of a computer for the home.

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